About AO

Enthusiastic scientists

African Origins was set up by enthusiastic scientists who are active in research concerning African prehistory. With no specific budget or commercial goals, the aim was to create an on-line meeting place with the opportunity for fellow enthusiastic researchers to share thoughts and materials.


(your) Objectives

Stay up-to-date on upcoming events, latest news, your colleagues’ activities, etc.

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Gain visibility presenting your Africa project, announce your meetings and conference talks, post that impressive picture and share the link to your work, department, video, or whatever you find worthwhile.

Share unpublished materials like excavation reports, specific maps and other grey literature, and upload books, reports and any other interesting file to showcase your work or simply because your think it’s interesting.

Discuss new discoveries, ask for analytical advise, post your vacancies, share your activities, arrange meetings at events and tell anecdotes from your latest excavation campaign on the forum.

African Origins is made for and by all researchers working on Human Evolution in Africa, everyone from student to senior scientist can participate. Therefore any related contribution is welcomed, and of course, also any suggestions your might have for improvement of the site.

 African Origins is an initiative fromCENIEH