Paleontology Africa

[PDF] A Late Pleistocene third molar of Hylochoerus (Suidae, Mammalia) from Rusinga Island, Kenya: paleoenvironmental implications and a note on the hypsodonty of …

IA Lazagabaster, TE Cerling, JT Faith – Historical Biology, 2021

… Forest hogs mostly occupy Afrotropical montane forests and other closed habitats throughout western, central, and eastern Africa (Figure 1, D’Huart 1993, Cerling and Viehl 2004, D’Huart and Kingdon 2013, D’Huart and …

Further away with dental microwear analysis: Food resource partitioning among Plio-Pleistocene monkeys from the Shungura Formation, Ethiopia

G Merceron, A Kallend, A Francisco, M Louail, F Martin… – Palaeogeography …, 2021

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