Human evolution Africa

[HTML] Selection preferences for animal species used in bone-tool-manufacturing strategies in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

J Bradfield, AC Kitchener, M Buckley – Plos one, 2021

… zooarchaeology aims to address such questions as the symbolic role of animals and how this affected bone selection and bone-working technology among human societies [16]. With some notable exceptions, social …

Innovative Homo sapiens behaviours 105,000 years ago in a wetter Kalahari

J Wilkins, BJ Schoville, R Pickering, L Gliganic… – Nature, 2021

The archaeological record of Africa provides the earliest evidence for the emergence of the complex symbolic and technological behaviours that characterize Homo sapiens1–7. The coastal setting of many archaeological …

Early humans far from the South African coast collected unusual objects

PR Willoughby – 2021

… Both industries date to between around 300,000 and 30,000 years ago 4 . Current appraisals of archaeological, fossil and genetic data confirm these ideas 5 , and also support the pre-eminent part that Africa played during the later stages of human evolution …

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