Stone Age Africa

[PDF] Dental caries in South African fossil hominins

I Towle, JD Irish, I De Groote, C Fernée, C Loch – South African Journal of Science, 2021

… Kingdom 3Evolutionary Studies Institute and Centre for Excellence in PaleoSciences, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 4Department of … some insight into the interaction with caries, as well as potential …

[HTML] Contracting eastern African C 4 grasslands during the extinction of Paranthropus boisei

RL Quinn, CJ Lepre – Scientific Reports, 2021

… Tool-assisted foraging behaviors were traditionally thought to have propelled genus Homo into a broad omnivorous dietary niche, providing an evolutionary edge relative to Paranthropus’ dentognathic procurement strategies across …

U-Th dated late Pleistocene tufas linked to human occupation in the semi-arid southern Kalahari

J von der Meden, J Wilkins, B Schoville, K Brown… – 2021

… This location is significant as the dominant narrative for the evolution of modern humans has focused on Middle Stone Age archaeological sites along the southern cape coast of South Africa, with coastal resources and …

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