Stone Age Africa

Zooarchaeology of the Middle Stone Age in Magubike Rockshelter, Iringa Region, Tanzania

F Masele, PR Willoughby – African Archaeological Review, 2021

… 1987; Hovers and Kuhn 2006; Hublin and Richards 2009; McBrearty and Brooks 2000; Shea 2009). In Africa, most of the Middle and Upper Pleistocene is associated with the archaeological period known as the Middle …

Tracking Occupational Intensity Using Archaeo-faunal Data: Case Studies from the Late Pleistocene in the Southern Cape of South Africa

JP Reynard – Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, 2021

Occupational intensity is a common theme in current research and has been linked to significant demographic trends in the past. The Late Pleistocene in the

Characterization and dating of San rock art in the Metolong catchment, Lesotho: A preliminary investigation of technological and stylistic changes

A Bonneau, DG Pearce, PJ Mitchell, L Didier, LN Eoin… – Quaternary International, 2021

… Abstract. Recent research on Later Stone Age (LSA) San rock art in southern Africa has unveiled some of the paint recipes the artists employed. However, these discoveries still need to be linked to human activities in or near the …

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