Paleoanthropology Africa

[PDF] Preliminary paleohistological observations of the StW 573 (‘Little Foot’) skull

A Beaudet, RC Atwood, W Kockelmann, V Fernandez… – eLife, 2021

… United Kingdom; 8Evolutionary Studies Institute, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa … studies have opened up new avenues in the field of paleoanthropology … Research Foun- dation (NRF) …

[HTML] Modelling the end of the Acheulean at global and continental levels suggests widespread persistence into the Middle Palaeolithic

AJM Key, I Jarić, DL Roberts – Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 2021

The Acheulean is the longest cultural tradition ever practised by humans, lasting for over 1.5 million years. Yet, its end has never been accurately dated; only broad 300–150 thousand years ago (Kya) estimates exist. Here we use optimal …

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