Stone Age Africa

[HTML] … the depositional history and age of fossil-bearing palaeokarst: a multidisciplinary example from the Terminal Pliocene Aves Cave Complex, Bolt’s Farm, South Africa

TR Edwards, R Pickering, TL Mallett, AIR Herries – Results in Geophysical Sciences, 2020

The Olduvai Gorge Coring Project: Drilling high resolution palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental archives to constrain hominin evolution

JK Njau, N Toth, K Schick, IG Stanistreet, LJ McHenry… – Palaeogeography …, 2020

… continental dust flux indicate global climatic changes at time intervals associated with critical evolutionary events in Africa (eg, deMenocal … included hosting an international concept workshop of 23 scientists and Tanzanian …

Finding Fossil Footprints in the Archival Record: Case Studies from the Archaeological Site of Melka Kunture (Upper Awash, Ethiopia)

F Altamura – Journal of African Archaeology, 2020

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