Stone Age Africa

Rodents and other micromammals from the Pleistocene strata in excavation 1 at Wonderwerk Cave, South Africa: A work in progress

DM Avery – Quaternary International, 2020

… Wonderwerk Cave (27°50′46″S: 23°33′19″E) is a large cave in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, some 45 km south of Kuruman, which contains a long sequence of deposits covering much of the Earlier …

Savanna tree evolutionary ages inform the reconstruction of the paleoenvironment of our hominin ancestors

DT Jonathan, BH Daru, BS Bezeng… – Scientific Reports (Nature …, 2020

… hominins), and larger brains, precipitating the development of speech, use of fire, stone tool making … evolution to the spread of savanna, it is notable that our savanna age estimates match … arising at higher latitudes, as suggested …

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