Stone Age Africa

Raw Material and Regionalization in Stone Age Eastern Africa

CA Tryon, KL Ranhorn – Culture History and Convergent Evolution, 2020

Stone tools are the dominant artifact type at Paleolithic sites, and the kinds of stone tools used and their methods of manufacture form some of the richest datasets to assess temporal and geographic patterning in hominin behavior. Using these …

Technology and function of Middle Stone Age points. Insights from a combined approach at Bushman Rock Shelter, South Africa

K Douze, M Igreja, V Rots, D Cnuts, G Porraz – Culture History and Convergent …, 2020

Edge convergence, which is typical for pointed tools, is a major morphological  feature contributing to the definition of the African Middle Stone Age (MSA). The  multifaceted character of points might be the key to their success and for their …

Lithic variability and cultures in the East African Middle Stone Age

EE Spinapolice – Culture History and Convergent Evolution, 2020

… Abstract. Lithics are the most abundant archaeological evidence from the
remote past, however the way they are used to reconstruct past human groups
is often biased. The Middle Stone Age (MSA) is the lithic techno-complex …

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