Stone Age Africa

Archaeological Ochres of the Rock Art Site of Leopard Cave (Erongo, Namibia): Looking for Later Stone Age Sociocultural Behaviors

G Mauran, M Lebon, O Lapauze, A Nankela, F Détroit… – African Archaeological …, 2020

… The use of ochre has been documented in many Middle Stone Age sites of Southern Africa … The study of the collection and use of ochre during the Middle Stone Age is well documented in the archaeology of Southern Africa …

First results of a Middle Stone Age survey in the Kerma region, northern Sudan

N Bicho, J Haws, M Honegger – Antiquity

… Nubian technology has been used to trace the migration from Africa to the Arabian Peninsula (van Peer 1998), some- time between 150 000 and 60 000 years ago. Middle Stone Age sites are relatively rare in Sudan, known …

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