Human evolution Africa

Assessing the role of climate change in human evolution and dispersal: a 600,000-year record from Chew Bahir, southern Ethiopia

VE Foerster, A Asrat, AS Cohen, MS Chapot, A Deino… – EGU General Assembly …, 2020

… role did climate dynamics play in the evolution and dispersal of Homo sapiens within and beyond Africa, and in key cultural innovations? Were gradual climatic changes, rapid shifts from wet to dry, or short-term climate flickers …

Human responses to hydroclimate fluctuations over the last 200 kyr in Ethiopia

F Schäbitz, V Foerster, A Asrat, AS Cohen, MS Chapot… – EGU General Assembly …, 2020

… record of the composite core covers the last ~600 ka, allowing tests of hypotheses about the influence of climate change on human evolution and technological innovation from the Late Acheulean to the Middle/Late Stone Age, and on dispersal within and out of Africa …

One Million Years of Human-Landscape Interaction in the Ethiopian and Kenyan Rift-System

A Junginger, S Kuebler – EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 2020

… Studying human-landscape interactions thus requires an understanding
of the character and evolution of landscapes on different temporal and spatial
scales. In Africa, key anthropological sites are often associated with the …


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