Stone Age Africa

[PDF] Large mammal exploitation during the c. 14–11 ka Oakhurst techno-complex at Klipdrift Cave, South Africa

E Discamps, CS Henshilwood, KL van Niekerk – South African Journal of Science, 2020

… BP internationally and in South Africa.1 Such studies are hindered by the scarcity of reliable data on the subsistence strategies of human populations during this period named the Later Stone Age (LSA) in southern Africa. In …

[PDF] 2 Evolution of Tool Use

E Bracken, BK Billings, MJ Barnes, MA Spocter

… 128 emerged on the continent of Africa some 7–8 129 … Remains from 169 this species were found in the same region and in 170 fossiliferous deposits of similar age (between 2.6 171 and 2.5 mya) to stone tools recovered from Ethi- 172 opia (Semaw et al …

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