Stone Age Africa

[HTML] Bone retouchers and technological continuity in the Middle Stone Age of North Africa

E Turner, L Humphrey, A Bouzouggar, N Barton – PLOS ONE, 2020

Evidence for specialised bone tools has recently been reported for the Middle Stone  Age of North Africa [one], which complements similar finds of slightly younger age in  South Africa [two, three]. However, until now scant reference has been made to …

Dating the skull from Broken Hill, Zambia, and its position in human evolution

R Grün, A Pike, F McDermott, S Eggins, G Mortimer… – Nature, 2020

… with fossils such as Petralona and Bodo 1 as H. heidelbergensis, a Middle Pleistocene species of Europe and Africa 2,3 … However, the limited (and poorly
associated) archaeological materials have consistently been attributed to …

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