Stone Age Africa

[PDF] Pleistocene large reptile tracks and probable swim traces on South Africa’s Cape south coast

CW Helm, HC Cawthra, X Combrink, CJZ Helm, R Rust… – South African Journal of …, 2020

… These sites include the first reported probable reptile swim traces in Africa and one tracksite also contained two Middle Stone Age artifacts. • These discoveries have implications for Pleistocene environments and climate on the Cape south coast …

[PDF] Comments on ‘U-Pb dated flowstones restrict South African early hominin record to dry climate phases'(Pickering et al. Nature 2018; 565: 226–229)

D Stratford, L Bruxelles, JF Thackeray, TR Pickering… – South African Journal of …, 2020

… from Sterkfontein, South Africa. Science. 2006;314(5805):1592–1594. 12. Herries AIR, Shaw J. Palaeomagnetic analysis of the Sterkfontein palaeocave deposits …

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