Paleoanthropology Africa

[HTML] Earliest African evidence of carcass processing and consumption in cave at 700 ka, Casablanca, Morocco

C Daujeard, C Falguères, Q Shao, D Geraads… – Scientific Reports, 2020

… In Africa, this site provides the earliest evidence for in situ carcass processing and meat-eating in cave, directly associated with lithic production and demonstrates the recurrent use by early Middle Pleistocene hominins of …

[HTML] The atlas of StW 573 and the late emergence of human-like head mobility and brain metabolism

A Beaudet, RJ Clarke, JL Heaton, TR Pickering… – Scientific Reports, 2020

Functional morphology of the atlas reflects multiple aspects of an organism’s biology. More specifically, its shape indicates patterns of head mobility, while the size of its vascular foramina reflects blood flow to the brain. Anatomy and …

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