Human evolution Africa

Patterns in the sand: A Pleistocene hominin signature along the South African coastline?

CW Helm, HC Cawthra, JC De Vynck, CJ Helm, R Rust… – Proceedings of the …, 2019

… The Cape south coast of South Africa boasts one of the richest Middle Stone Age (MSA) archaeological records in the world. Here coastal caves and rock shelters contain well-documented archives of early humans, including …

Describing a drowned Pleistocene ecosystem: Last Glacial Maximum vegetation reconstruction of the Palaeo-Agulhas Plain

RM Cowling, AJ Potts, J Franklin, GF Midgley… – Quaternary Science …, 2019

… pioneering work of Compton (2011), which links PAP vegetation to the incidence of paleoarchives describing the region’s large mammal fauna and evidence of human evolution … Inserts show the location of South Africa (grey) …

[HTML] Deciphering African late middle Pleistocene hominin diversity and the origin of our species

A Mounier, MM Lahr – Nature Communications, 2019

… of view: (1) the Multiregional Model of modern human origins implying the gradual evolution of global archaic hominin populations towards a modern human morphology over the course of the last 2 million years; 9,10 and …

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