Stone Age Africa

[PDF] Variability in Ostrich Eggshell Beads from the Middle and Later Stone Age of Africa

JM Miller – 2019

Ostrich eggshell (OES) beads are the first kind of ornaments in human history to be  mass-produced, and they exhibit variations that simulate cultural boundaries.  Previous research into the stylistic variation of OES beads identified the importance …

Late Middle Pleistocene Elephants from Natodomeri, Kenya and the Disappearance of Elephas (Proboscidea, Mammalia) in Africa

FK Manthi, WJ Sanders, JM Plavcan, TE Cerling… – Journal of Mammalian …, 2019

… (1978) had re- ported a now discounted age of 35,000 years BP generated by U-Th analysis for Butzer’s E. jolensis assemblage. Comparative study of the sample with material assigned to E. jolensis from elsewhere in Africa …

Exploring karst landscapes: new prehistoric sites in south-central Ethiopia

Y Sahle, D Giusti, T Gossa, H Ashkenazy – Antiquity, 2019

… sequences limits a comprehensive understanding of the later prehistory of the Horn of Africa (eg Clark 1954; Brandt 1986; Assefa et al. 2014; Lesur et al. 2014). The persistence of poorly defined, traditional higher-level …

In the human past, is the perennial consumption of starch a deep or shallow phenomenon?

CDA Larbey – 2019

… Based on botanical evidence from Klasies River and Blombos Caves, among the earliest human Middle Stone Age (MSA) occupation sites of South Africa, this thesis makes three key arguments: firstly that cooked roots and tubers …

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