Lithic industry Africa

New Chronology and Stratigraphy for Kathu Pan 6, South Africa

V Lukich, N Porat, G Faershtein, S Cowling, M Chazan – Journal of Paleolithic …, 2019

… The development of luminescence dating has been instrumental in providing ages for Stone Age industries in Africa which lay beyond the range of radiocarbon and are often not … Along with the lithic industry, all stages of the …

Gombore II (Melka Kunture, Ethiopia): A new approach to formation processes and spatial patterns of an Early Pleistocene Acheulean site

E Mendez-Quintas, J Panera, F Altamura, L Di Bianco… – Journal of Archaeological …, 2019

… reanalysis suggests that they document instead one of the best available candidates for the origin of Homo heidelbergensis in Africa (Profico et … two floodplain deposits, respectively a silty-sandy (20 cm) and a sandy (15 cm) …

A high-resolution perspective on MIS 5c-d lithic assemblages from Klasies River main site Cave 1

MJ Brenner, S Wurz – Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 2019

… 1.2. MIS 5 lithic technology. MIS 5 lithic technology in South Africa, in general, is characterized by the use of local raw materials, a low amount of formal tools with denticulates, notches and scrapers as the main …

Ground-penetrating radar and electrical resistivity tomography reveal a deep stratigraphic sequence at Mochena Borago Rockshelter, southwestern Ethiopia

P Lanzarone, M Seidel, S Brandt, E Garrison… – Journal of Archaeological …, 2019

… Relief Map (Amante and Eakins, 2009); (B) satellite image of Mochena Borago (MB) rockshelter, source: DigitalGlobe Vivid Africa, 0.5-m … Analysis of the stone artifacts from the Late Pleistocene archaeological horizons suggest a …

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