Paleoanthropology Africa

[PDF] Temporal evidence shows Australopithecus sediba is unlikely to be the ancestor of Homo

A Du, Z Alemseged – Science Advances, 2019

… durations in African large mammals [all African large mammals: 2.3 Ma (16); eastern African bovids: 1.4 … There is the possibility that FRP might be slightly higher in South Africa around the time … of the origin of Homo is one of the …

[HTML] Assessment of complex projectiles in the early Late Pleistocene at Aduma, Ethiopia

Y Sahle, AS Brooks – PloS one, 2019

… record is, therefore, considered to have significant cognitive implications as well [2,3]. Over the past decade, African archaeological assemblages … Cautious interpretation of microwear and residue data on segments and …

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