Stone Age Africa

[PDF] Personal Ornaments in Early Prehistory A Review of Shells as Personal Ornamentation during the African Middle Stone Age

TE STEELE, E ÁLVAREZ-FERNÁNDEZ… – PaleoAnthropology, 2019

… A number of Middle Stone Age (MSA) assemblages in northern Africa, as well as a few in South Africa and the eastern Mediterranean, preserve small mollusk shells, most notably estuarine and marine members of the sub …

Old stones’ song—second verse: use-wear analysis of rhyolite and fenetized andesite artifacts from the Oldowan lithic industry of Kanjera South, Kenya

C Lemorini, LC Bishop, TW Plummer, DR Braun… – Archaeological and …, 2019

… Data assembled so far suggest that tools fashioned from non-local and local stone were, with one possible exception, used to process … and the suid Metridiochoerus andrewsi suggest a minimum age of 1.7 Ma for the sediments …

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