Paleoanthropology Africa

New Radiocarbon Dates from Nasera Rockshelter (Tanzania): Implications for Studying Spatial Patterns in Late Pleistocene Technology

K Ranhorn, CA Tryon – Journal of African Archaeology, 2018

… between Mumba and Nasera rockshelters are not temporally aligned, emphasizing the possibility that intra-site variability was the norm throughout the Late Pleistocene in eastern Africa … Citation: Journal of African Archaeology 16, 2 (2018) ; 10.1163/21915784-20180011 …

Humeral anatomy of the KNM-ER 47000 upper limb skeleton from Ileret, Kenya: Implications for taxonomic identification

MR Lague, H Chirchir, DJ Green, E Mbua, JWK Harris… – Journal of Human Evolution, 2019

… Homo erectus. SKX 34805, Swartkrans (Mb 1), South Africa, KNM-ER 1808t, Koobi Fora (KBS), Kenya … c As a matter of convenience, we use the taxon ‘Homo habilis’ to refer to South African specimens that might be more appropriately called ‘H. aff …

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