Stone Age Africa

Revisiting Mwulu’s Cave: new insights into the Middle Stone Age in the southern African savanna biome

P de la Peña, A Val, DJ Stratford, F Colino, I Esteban… – Archaeological and …, 2018

… This cave, located in Limpopo Province (South Africa), preserves one of the few known Middle Stone Age sequences in the northeastern part of the country … The literature for the Middle Stone Age (MSA) archaeology of …

Plio-Pleistocene decline of African megaherbivores: No evidence for ancient hominin impacts

JT Faith, J Rowan, A Du, PL Koch – Science, 2018

U–Pb-dated flowstones restrict South African early hominin record to dry climate phases

R Pickering, AIR Herries, JD Woodhead, JC Hellstrom… – Nature, 2018

… These wet and dry periods do not obviously correspond to climate cycles in East Africa (Extended Data Fig … The work presented here correlates sedimentary units across sites, establishes age ranges for hominins, facilitates …

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