Human evolution Africa

Olduvai Gorge

HT Bunn – The International Encyclopedia of Biological …, 2018

… indicated that it was simply an East African species of the small-brained robust australopithecines already known from South Africa, and not … yield-ing a surprising date of 1.75 million years ago and effectively doubling …

South African fossil record

A Mann – The International Encyclopedia of Biological …, 2018

… and large molar and premolar teeth, this time span, contempo- rary with other finds in South and East Africa of hominins with brain sizes within the range of modern humans, raises many questions about the place of the Dinaledi …

Homo, early

SC Antón – The International Encyclopedia of Biological …, 2018

… Recently the period between 2.8 and 1.5 Ma in Africa has yielded the earliest known fossils … But these and earlier (non-Homo) fossils show that the human suite of characteristics arose … features appearing before and some after the …

A geometric morphometric examination of hominoid third metacarpal shape and its implications for inferring the precursor to terrestrial bipedalism

TR Rein – The Anatomical Record, 2018

… sites in eastern Africa dating between 4.0 and 3.0 million years ago (Bush et al., 1982; Drapeau This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved Accepted Article Page 8 … the demands of locomotion over the course of human …

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